Challenge the boredom

Who needs architecture that doesn’t communicate? Who wants design without a purpose? Who cares about architecture and design that is plain ugly? Not our clients anyway, or brands, as we prefer to address them.

At OP we are convinced that it is our responsibility to challenge ugliness, blandness and boredom. Does that mean we are totally crazy? No, it means that we are focused on what is good for the brand that we work for. And our perspectives are always long term, which by the way means strategic.          
When our work reflects or give a new insight to our client’s brand, that’s when we have succeeded. No matter if the result is a new office, a shop, a restaurant or a product design. When we have the assignment, it will be something else and something that lasts over time.

Our promise to you is that we will challenge the boredom by creating good honest architecture and design that are extensions of your brand.
We work within a wide range of scales from interior design to city planning. During the years we have accumulated a vast experience in delivering impactful architecture. For us, it's more than just creating a house or a building. Our aspiration is to connect it with places, experiences, brands and the people we work with. The inside is as important as the outside!
Industrial design
During the years we have launched a wide range of new products to the market together with our clients. No matter the product it always relies on a strong idea with carefully worked through details. We enjoy working with different industries, company sizes and markets. Which gives us production knowledge as well as new perspectives. For us the history is as important as the future. We always start by understanding the users, brand and context. When we know the direction, we will create a concept with a clear idea. The process combines iterations as well as prototypes leading us to guide and support the factory development before hitting the market.
Graphic design
Architecture or products needs communication as well as brands, and that needs the right esthetics for the reader to understand its purpose. We have helped brands by creating their identity from med-tech to pizza restaurant. We believe in clarity and purpose.
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