Model:Samples / Model:Cycles

A long term relationship building for a new generation of customers

Elektron is one of the most renowned and possibly best synthesizer brands in the world. Together in a close relationship we developed new ways to create music and explored new markets during the past years. Two new product lines MK II and Model:Samples, encapsulated in more user friendly designs building on the insights of usability and ergonomics.

While the MK II became a success in the music industry the focus on opening up a different segment in the market had our full attention. A new era of product needed to come alive and the goal was to attract, not only the professionals but the important first time users as well.

Inspired by a classic 90’s boombox with its handle, our idea communicates that it is the perfect portable device for your on-the-go creativity. A neat package, designed for all day use wherever you are.

Like Elektron says. - ‘You get pretty much all of the Elektron superpowers in a sleek, lightweight, and accessible package.’

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