Silent Moto
Electric vehicle

Taking a different route in electric vehicles

That moment when you’re skiing down a slope just by yourself, catching a wave in the ocean or just taking a run in the forest. That feeling you get when it feels like you’ve cleared your mind and lost track of time. That’s the feeling we want to create when you ride the Silent Moto. A project based on passion and built for enthusiasts. By focusing on the soul and honesty within the motorcycle community we wanted to create a driving force and transparency for the future of electric mobility.

Together we built a company from the ground up creating a brand and a product that is totally unique on the market. The aim is not only to speak to the motorcycle community but to the people that share the same passion for simplicity and true experiences.

Our philosophy is to take the road less travelled by, and with a ‘no-bullshit’ attitude and style, join us on our journey because this is only the beginning.

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