Sign system

Creating a stronger and more attractive brand.

By combining the brand strategy together with the focus on the individual of the employee we formed the architectural structure for executing both wayfinding and environmental presence at the new updated campus.

It felt natural to focus on the people and the fact that large parts of the year in Sweden is spent in darkness. The signs and buildings should aim to brighten the daily commute by being a more human centric meeting point as well as a clear guide at the campus.

The result became a simple white surface that shines when it is bright and lights up when it is dark, communicating the message clearly. The entrance gates become a part of the system. They are the touchpoint where several thousand people enter and exit everyday, where business guests will have their first physical interaction with Volvo and should be a place where people can meet and interact.

After all, Volvo is a brand made by people for people.

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